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Here at Fresh Therapies I love to use what Mother Nature has provided. I believe that we have all the ingredients we need to obtain good health inside and out.

This is carried through into the packaging used too.  I try my best to use only recyclable materials, one reason I prefer to use glass containers over plastic.

Which I believe gives the products a sophisticated style, which you are proud to have on show.

The ingredients used are kind to the person and the planet.  None of the products ingredients or the final end product are tested on animals and never will be. The range of multi award winning natural nail care products are waiting for you to experience.

Discover the difference today.

Hynt Beauty

Hynt Beauty products are formulated with organic ingredients wherever possible, and are all vegan except for the mascara, which uses beeswax so as not to compromise the stunning finish and efficacy that we promise across all of our products.


Formulated with organic ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, extracts and oils that hydrate, soothe and rejuvenate the skin, what we choose to put into our skin-perfecting formulas is just as important to us as what we choose not to include. Hynt is non-comedogenic and free of toxins, gluten, parabens, silicone and talc as well as animal cruelty-free (PETA approved).


There are no GMOs, FD&C dyes (except for in the ARIA Lipstick in Red Fervor), carmines, phthalates, irritating bismuth oxychloride, nanoparticles, petrochemicals or mineral oils used in any of the formulations. We do not use artificial preservatives, and instead tap into the potent natural antimicrobial and antibacterial powers of herbs, plants and flowers.

Natural, Toxin-Free & Skin-Healthy Luxury Makeup & Skin Care Collection.


Think one small choice won’t make a difference?  You’re right. But if you make that same choice over and over again? Now you’ve made a dent. They’re called habits. They’re the guilty party behind our poor health.  Our dying planet.  They’re the root of the problem. ...and they’re also part of the solution. But much like breaking bad habits, starting good ones takes baby steps. It starts with planting a seed.  And seeds?  Are small. 

Take a toothbrush, for example.  A small, inconsequential object.  But it’s a necessary household staple.  You wouldn’t dream of keeping your family toothbrush-less. But nearly five-billion plastic toothbrushes make their way into the earth and oceans every year.  Every plastic toothbrush that’s ever been made...still exists. Enter the MABLE toothbrush.  Crafted from sustainable bamboo.  Naturally anti-microbial.  Bio-degradable.  

Body of a red-carpet star…heart of a tree-huggin’ hippie.

PLANT Apothecary

PLANT Apothecary products are new takes on natural, effective, time-honored skincare and health remedies from all over the world. Their 100% botanical, USDA Organic products combine aromatherapy and herbalism with clean, contemporary package design and a sense of humor—for a brand presence with appeal to all ages and genders.


PLANT’s simple, direct packaging reflects the pure  simplicity of the products, which are 100% free of all  petroleum, parabens, and other synthetic ingredients.  And, in line with their mission to be socially as well as  environmentally responsible, PLANT works in partnership with BKLYN UNLTD, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit organization that gives work to mentally and physically disabled adults—who help with production and distribution.


No PLANT product is ever tested on animals, and none contain any animal-derived ingredients. Our products proudly display the PETA Cruelty-Free bunny logo.


Apothecary with conscience.


Plume Hair & Lash Science is a specially formulated lash and brow-enhancing serum that is 100% natural with zero side effects. After its release in 2015, it has quickly risen to become a global success.


Formulated by an internationally acclaimed EFCM Master Cosmetic Chemist

and backed with a 100% happiness guarantee, Plume is equally committed to quality as to sustainability and safety. Furthermore, Plume has been rated zero by Think Dirty and is certified Cruelty-Free by PETA.


The ingredient standards are simple: Free of Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Hormones and Prostaglandins, Artificial fragrances and dyes, gluten free and never tested on animals. Includes responsibly sourced botanical actives.


The Science of Natural Lash Enhancement.

Tata Harper

"I couldn’t find any natural products that gave me the results and the luxury experience I was looking for, so I set out to create my own.”

Tata Harper Skincare is one of the fastest growing organic cosmetic brands in the world at the moment. This 2002 established company has a simple mission: 

To create products that are both luxurious and effective, without the use of synthetic chemicals. Made in small batches at their laboratories in Vermont, each product combines the finest ingredients with the latest skin care technology.


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