Our passion for beauty is derived from the nature

Naturelle Pro Beauty is a Finnish family-driven company, founded by mother and son. Even though we work with retailers all over Europe, our company is still situated in a small village in Finland, where nature is ever present. We have the daily chance to recharge our vibrance with the power of nature.

The vision of the company is to find leading natural cosmetic brands outside Europe and bring them to our markets. Today Naturelle Pro Beauty is one of the premium distributors of high-end natural cosmetics in Europe.

Our brands have been carefully handpicked and comply with European legislation. Products that we can offer to our own family, are the products that we can represent to our clients.

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright

Giving back to non-profit organizations

Naturelle Pro Beauty is giving back to non-profit local organizations. Sylva supports people living with cancer and their loved ones. Hope is helping low-income families with children, aiming to provide each child equal possibilities for active everyday life.

Our team

Lena Priester

CEO, Partner

Long-distance running, DIY work, Travelling, Arts & Culture, Food

Kirsi-Marja Salla

Head Advisor, owner

Birds & butterflies, Cold water swimming, Waterjogging, Pilates, Arts & Culture

Tuomas Salla


Martial arts, Nature, Kettlebells

Satu Sandberg

Marketing Manager

Horses & riding, Animal training, Hiking, Camping & nature, Movies

Taru Keurulainen

Product Manager

Outdoor activities, Baking, Food, Travelling

Iris Ojalammi


Dancing, Travelling, Photorgaphy, Watercolor painting, Cosmetic ingredients

Suvi Keurulainen

Product Manager

Playing with my puppy, Interior decorating, Travelling, Food

Miia Turunen


Outdoor activities, Baking, Cardio boxing, FasciaMethod

Ilona Nevalainen

Head of administration

Photography, Outdoor activities, Knitting, Reading, Renovating

Interested in retail opportunities?

We have chosen the leading natural brands for You. All brands meet our high requirements and comply with European legislation. If you are interested in joining our retail network, please let us know by filling in the contact form.