Earth Harbor

At Earth Harbor, we bring you beyond clean, nontoxic, and plant-derived products. Our mission is to create the most ethical self-care ecosystem possible. We proudly do everything in-house from sourcing, to production, to fulfillment and beyond. Our versatile products are low consumption and our plastic-free packaging options + refills are just the beginning of our movement towards circularity. And, as always, we’re here to champion your natural glow.

Our Founder, Ali

Meet Ali Perry-Hatch, MPH, the beach wanderer, herbalist, and health scientist, who created Earth Harbor Naturals out of her treehouse kitchen. A combination of a career in humanitarian engineering, graduate research in environmental toxicology, a disabling accident, and finding out she was pregnant, led Ali to be more critical of what she was putting both in and on her body, as well as its effects on the environment and humanity. When Ali couldn’t find a comprehensive range of beauty products that met all of her strict criteria, sparked joyful wonderment, and was overseen
by a toxicologist, Earth Harbor was born!

Beyond Clean Skincare

We are anchored in responsibly sourcing the most premium, pure natural elements Mother Earth has to give. Therapeutic treatments are engineered using nutrient-rich plant oils, salts, herbs, seaweeds, and earth to return skin to ideal health and youthful radiance. Everything is lovingly crafted in sustainably manufactured micro-batches by skilled artisans to maintain quality, purity, and freshness.

While our small family business relishes delivering ethical products with real results for your beautiful and unique skin, we believe it is equally important to bring you delightful products that offer serenity, happiness, and self-love day in and day out. We hope you absolutely cherish your daily skincare ritual. You deserve to treasure every second of it!