Odacité Skincare

Wanting to bridge the gap between ultimate performance and absolute purity, Odacité founder Valérie Grandury began blending her own skincare sans les toxins after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since 2009, Odacité has pioneered the Clean Beauty Movement by fusing results-driven French skincare with green California living in its very own LA-based lab. The result? High-performance products that are just as pure as they are powerful.

The Art of Clean Beauty

At Odacité, natural ingredients create visible results. In order to deliver luxurious and effective skincare with optimal performance, our ​handcrafted formulas are powered by high-quality botanicals, pure plant extracts, and clinical actives. It is our promise to provide vegan and cruelty-free products that are dermatologically tested and free of any GMOs or Nasties, including fillers, synthetics, perfumes, parabens, and more.

Wake Up With the Skin You Want

Odacité creates skincare experiences that are highly personal and indulgently pleasurable to the senses. With a line of 18 targeted Serum Concentrates specific to various skin concerns, you can build a perfectly unique, bespoke regimen that meets your needs with precision ⁠— because no one knows your skin better than you do.